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Selling Your Home
& Getting The Best Price

Complete Real Estate Market Analysis
Know your competition and know the listing and selling price ratio.
Professional Photography
Stand out from the crowd. Every home should have a stunning home presentation.
Drone / Aerial Photography
Dramatic visual presentation of the landscape.
Professional Brochure & Exquisite Video Tours
Leave your potential home buyers with something to remember. Capture their imagination.
Online Advertising
Receive reports of advertising performance.
Print Advertising
We want to pull the buyers in with a sense elegance.
Feedback Every Time Your Home Is Shown
We obtain feedback on every showing. Know what buyers think about your home.
Market Updates
Know about new listings and price drops and how it affects the sale of your home.
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About Bridget Archer Experienced Real Estate Agent

We want to get you the best price possible when you list your home for sale. It is important that you are well informed of market conditions so that your property does not go on the market priced too high or too low. We will do a complete market analysis of your property so that you understand market conditions and sales in your area. Make sure you hire a real estate agent who will do their homework and will be honest with you about the market and value of your home. If you price your home too high you will end up reducing the price numerous times. Price it right and you will sell quickly and get a higher selling price than if you price too high. Contact us for our experience, communication, and professionalism.

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